Hairy Krishna
Never Say Die
One | Two
Oxymorons II
The In Crowd
Tax Day
What A State
Henny Youngman jokes
Best Bets
For Better ... or Worse
Square Deal
The Red Machine
It Depends On How You Look At It

Welcome to my crossword puzzle collection. The puzzles here are all ones I created. Each can be played interactively just by clicking on the link from the list of titles in the left side panel. I plan to continually add to this collection, although I can't promise how often. The newest puzzle will always be on the top of the list. Although they are interactive, the puzzles do NOT have an option to give you hints or confirm that you have a correct letter. They do confirm a correct solution at the end if you have no mistakes. You can move the cursor to the square you are interested in using the arrow keys or the mouse or use either to change the direction of typing. Right click to switch from across to down or vice versa. The puzzle will display the proper clues, both across and down for the square that is highlighted. Click anywhere in the grid of a puzzle to begin. Most of them have links in the lower left corner to print them in .pdf form if you prefer working them on paper. Have fun!

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